Easy to use Dashboard

The Maketaskeasydashboard allows you to see all of your tasks and collaboration toolsin a single window, including your projects, tasks, calendar, and project teammembers. Click on individual tasks to expand and modify them. Use drag-and-drop to assign or modify tasks.

With Maketaskeasy you don’t have to waste time switching between different screenwindows to find what you are looking for, and you won’t have to participate inextensive training to learn how the Maketaskeasy system works. The Maketaskeasy dashboardmakes everything simple and intuitive so you and your team can get your workdone faster and without training.

Smart Task Grouping for Easy Organization


With Smart Task Grouping you can quickly and easily switch between tabs togroup and organize your tasks in multiple ways including:

  •                                                                             By date to see which tasks need to be completed today, this week, or later
  •                           By project to organize your tasks by project
  •                               By context to organize by task or project type
  •                                                  By team member to see who is working on specific tasks

A Team Calendar

With the Team Calendar you can view an overview of the tasks and events thatare assigned to each of your team members. This allows you to see in a singleglance who is working on which tasks, and provides you with an overview of allyour team’s activities.

Our mission

MakeTaskEasy  removes the complexity from project management and puts you incontrol. With MakeTaskEasy, you and your project team can quickly and easily set upnew projects, assign and share tasks, share a centralized file library and calendars.