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Types of Data Collected

Personal Data

MakeTaskEasy may ask you to provide your personally identifiable information that can be utilized to contact or identify you.

Location Data

Provide your location data is an optional choice. With your correct information, you are provided with the features of our services.

Use of Data

The information like your phone number or email is used to sent necessary information like changes in the current services, rates of plans etc.

Transfer Of Data

Your firm information, as well as your personal information, can be stored at any other country’s servers where the data privacy laws are different from your current country.

Usage Data

MakeTaskEasy may ask you to provide your data share the images, files and related documents with other team members

Tracking & Cookies Data

We may use cookies of your browser in order to track down the activities on our service. Cookies may contain a unique identifier.

Retention of Data

Control the user permission by restricting the user access to private project/tasks.

Security Of Data

Your data will be secured with us but you should know that no data on the internet is 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

Security on MakeTaskEasy

SSL Encryption

With the SSL encryption, you will be free from the worry of hackers. No one will send the payment information to a simple HTTP website. Therefore we have implemented SSL certificate with the URL to ensure the protection of your payments.

Access to our servers

Access to our servers is very easy and simple. If you are a multinational organization and currently working in more than 1 country, you can get remote access to your project management tool.

We Encrypt Your Data

If you are using Google Chrome, you can see that our website is secure. This implies if your communication and files are saved in a secure environment. The encryption will also make sure that your personal information is secured from outside threats.

Security from DoS attacks

Denial of Service(DoS) attack is one of the most dangerous attacks in the history of the malware. MakeTaskEasy has adapted necessary measurements needed to handle DoS attack. We always have a back up of your data in case of an emergency.

Privacy on Maketaskeasy

A lot of organisations are using MakeTaskEasy and we really care about our consumers and their privacy. Even before the launch of our product, we have given first priority to the integrity of the user’s data.

We have secure servers to store your data. We are using the latest authentication and authorization methods to protect user’s data.

Our servers are in UK

We have chosen the UK over other countries to store our servers. The United Kingdom has strict policies of user’s data. The country has strict rules in the world when it comes to sharing the data with any other person.

Google user data

MakeTaskEasy has implemented Google services. The implementation of the Google service can help to Login with your Gmail account. We will only store your Google ID and access tokens which will help you to log in automatically, once your Google account is sync with the software. We will not use your data for any other purpose neither we will share your Google ID with anyone else. Once you have unsynced your google account, we will also erase the data from our servers.

Our mission

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