Security & Support

MakeTaskEasy is a reliable software which assured that your data will be safe with us. We have implemented strict security protocols into our product which makes the product more reliable and secure from the outside attacks. All communication between you and Make Task Easy is encrypted using the SSL/HTTPS industry standard.

User-Friendly Customer Support

MakeTaskEasy is providing the fastest customer support services to its customers. Our customer care responds to all of the customer queries within one working day most often within one hour.

MakeTaskEasy Making Your Experience Better

We encourage our customers to leave feedback after using our services. We take the feedback of the customer seriously and we are always adding powerful new features to MakeTaskEasy to make it an even better project management solution for you.

No More “Was I Supposed To Do That”

With MakeTaskEasy, you can mention the responsibility to every team member separately. It can help the project manager to assign the tasks, mention the start and expected end dates, add notes and keep things on track. The software will automatically remind the project manager and the team member about the ending date of the activity. This feature eliminates the excuse of “Was I supposed to do that” from the employee side as the goals and activities are mentioned clearly.

Our Software Keeps Your Data Safe


MakeTaskEasy protects users data from unwanted intrusions by many different layers of security and the data is hosted on secure servers. The user can access the software remotely from any place in the world.

User Security

MakeTaskEasy provides security to the user's data by the latest encryption algorithms. User's information is kept in a safe environment. Authentication and Authorization protocols are installed to ensure the user's security.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an additional layer for the security of the user's data. It helps to protect the software from vulnerabilities by implementing standard password only approach.

Data Security

Data of your employees are important and their security is important to us. We are doing our best to ensure your data is protected but remember no method is 100% secure over the internet.

Application Security

MakeTaskEasy provides a level of restrictions as well as permissions to access specific activities to the database user. Application firewall has been installed to limit the execution of the malicious files.

Network Security

Network security of an application is to integrate multiple security layers in its structure. To secure the network, Antivirus and antimalware software, as well as a network firewall, has been installed.

Our mission

MakeTaskEasy  removes the complexity from project management and puts you incontrol. With MakeTaskEasy, you and your project team can quickly and easily set upnew projects, assign and share tasks, share a centralized file library and calendars.